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The digital transformation of markets, business models, strategies and work motivated a team of experienced management, communication and event professionals to found Cintona as a new kind of networking and knowledge exchange platform in 2014. While facing the ongoing dynamics of digital change, our formats open up new perspectives and business opportunities by facilitating a structured and meaningful exchange of experiences, use cases, strategies, methods, management models, business ideas and technologies. Cintona events foster the strategic digital maturity of people and organizations alongside the value chain. Our experience with more than 100 high-level events and thousands of satisfied customers shows, that this management exchange is adding real value to businesses and people. We focus on highly relevant, real-world and up-to-date best practices from large and middle-sized companies. Networking is at the core of our events and participants can manage it individually and meaningful with our Cintona app.


Sven HardtCEO
Serial entrepreneur, business networking and communications veteran, started as publishing director in business media. Built a group of premium b2b communications companies in Germany, Spain, UK and the USA. Sven has been refining classical communication and event formats into platforms for actual business development. While focusing on research-based networking, Sven developed matchmaking tools, structured online communities and other formats to support businesses.
Tanja HardtCOO
Japanologist and former fashion entrepreneur. As director and general manager of several business event companies Tanja developed highly innovative formats linking classical conferences with executive networking and actual business opportunities. Focus on new markets with a passion for research and analytics to create more substance for business events. Tanja has been developing a range of p2p networking services.

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